Our group in the Department of Earth and Planetary Science at UC Berkeley and Berkeley Geochronology Center is interested in geologic processes and phenomena that occur primarily at and near the surfaces of Earth, Earth's moon and Mars. We study the timescales of such phenomena using observations of radiogenic and cosmogenic nuclides measured in our labs.  The questions that we address span orders of magnitude in space and time, ranging from the development of mountain topography during the Pleistocene to processes leading to magnetic fields recorded in early solar system condensates.  Our research is ultimately motivated by outstanding questions and problems in earth and planetary science. Because observational tools are often not available to address these question and related phenomena that occurred over geologic timescales, much of our effort is focused on developing an understanding of the basic chemistry and physics of geochemical systems in order to develop new sets of observations.

We hope you find our site to be interesting.  If you'd like to learn more about this work, please feel free to contact any of us directly.  If you're interested in participating in this or related research as a graduate student or postdoc, please contact David Shuster.


Postdoctoral Position in Surface Process Geochemistry

Seeking a postdoctoral scientist to collaborate on the development and application of novel geochemical approaches to the study of near-surface processes and landscape development. Candidates should have interest and/or expertise in some of the following research areas: noble gas geochemistry, thermochronometry, geomorphology, cosmogenic-nuclide geochemistry, laser ablation ICP-MS, and/or mathematical methods for simulating or interpreting these types of data for earth science applications. Candidates with complementary expertise in related fields not specifically mentioned, and an interest in broadening their skill set, are also invited to apply. The successful candidate will make use of laboratory facilities and collaborate with scientists at both Department of Earth and Planetary Science UC Berkeley -and- Berkeley Geochronology Center . A description of research activities and laboratory facilities of our group can be found at noblegas.berkeley.edu. Appointment is initially for one year, with renewal negotiable. To apply, please send i) a CV; ii) a list of three referees; and iii) a cover letter describing your research skills, objectives, and interests and how you think they will complement ours, to David Shuster (dshuster@berkeley.edu).

(posted Sep 15, 2016)